At Zeeko we create a world where young people can safely benefit from technology and the internet. We visit around 400 schools across Ireland per year delivering Internet Safety Seminars to pupils, teachers and parents. With our leading knowledge, experience in children’s internet safety we successfully manage the online risks young people face every day.

We have surveyed over 35,000 children in Ireland and the UK on their digital habits. Our talented team of experts in Psychology, Education and Technology are currently undertaking EU-funded research into the side effects of Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Prototype versions showed increased engagement of 69% and improved learning outcomes by 67%. We want to pioneer the collaboration of education and VR technology in schools throughout Ireland and beyond.

All the research we undertake at Zeeko informs the continuous development of our work. The seminars we deliver in Primary and Secondary schools nationwide are informed by our research. We constantly update the service we provide to schools to take into account constantly evolving digital trends.

Our experiential work at Zeeko helps to reduces the negative consequences of cyberbullying and exposure to user-generated content promoting anorexia, self-harm, drug-taking and suicide. We are very pleased that the service we provide at Zeeko has a significant positive impact on the health and wellbeing of young people and families across Ireland.

We envision a future where education and technology will come together. We want Zeeko to help millions of young people become confident digital citizens, build online trust and create positive social change.

Meet Our Team

Joe Kenny – Founder and CEO

“My wife, Linda and myself believe the internet is a fantastic resource for children. Equally we believe that children should be safe online. We do not agree with the negativity created in young peoples’ lives due to the internet. We have committed two years of our lives and a substantial amount of our own money to bring about change through education. Each week we are getting more support. Enterprise Ireland has recently invested in Zeeko. We believe there is a better way and we need your help to make this change.”


Linda Kenny – Founder and Director

  • Parent, committed to educating parents and children on the value of the internet
  • ACCA qualified account, 15 years system implementation experience on multinational organisations.