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Press Release October 2022

Irish EdTech Company Signs Agreement with Vietnam’s Institute for Education Technology – Zeeko to trial Magical Leaders programme for students in 5 schools in Hanoi Dublin, Ireland, 21 October 2022, Zeeko, the Irish EdTech company, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Vietnam’s Institute for Education Technology to trial an EdTech programme for

Press Release November 2018

Ahead of Seasonal Sale Events Research by Zeeko Indicates 1 in 3 Boys aged 8 are Playing Over 18 Online GamesDublin, Ireland, 21 November 2018, Ahead of upcoming seasonal sale events, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Christmas sales, research findings announced today by Zeeko (www.zeeko.ie), indicate that 1 in 3 boys aged 8

Press Release October 2018

Zeeko Launches New Peer-to-Peer Interactive Platform to Transform Teaching Internet Safety to Primary School ChildrenDublin, Ireland, 16 October 2018, Zeeko, the Irish Edtech start-up, today announced the launch of a new and interactive Peer-to-Peer educational platform to transform the way internet safety is taught to primary school children in Ireland.Zeeko, headquartered at NovaUCD, the Centre for

Press Release September 2018

Edtech firm providing kids with the tools to keep themselves safe online Zeeko aiming to fill a large gap in the effort to build children’s digital literacy, writes John Cradden   ‘What we’re trying to do is not so much give kids information but teach them skills for the 21st century,’ says Joe Kenny, founder

Press Release July 2018

Zeeko welcomes The Government Action Plan on Online SafetyDublin, Ireland 8th January 2016, Zeeko, headquartered at NovaUCD, welcomes the Government Action Plan on Online Safety as launched by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. The Action Plan is centred on five goals to ensure public safety online (i) online safety for all (ii) better supports for citizens (iii)

Press Release April 2018

Zeeko publishes the results of its latest digital trend report Children’s Online Behaviour in Ireland 2016-18Dublin, 24th April. Zeeko, headquartered at NovaUCD, announced the findings of its digital trend report Children’s Online Behaviour in Ireland 2016-18. The data used in this survey was collected from May 2016 to February 2018 in primary and secondary schools

Press Release January 2018

Zeeko report shows Irish secondary school students 30% more likely to engage in sexting by the time they reach senior cycleDublin, 10th January. A risky form of online behaviour called sexting i.e. the act of exchanging sexually explicit content online in the form of images, videos and text has become a prominent feature of Irish

Press Release Nov 2017

Zeeko Secures €100,000 in Funding to Launch New Research Project on Virtual Reality and Children’s HealthDublin, Ireland 7 November 2017, Zeeko (www.zeeko.ie), an Irish EdTech start-up, today announced that it has secured just over €100,000 in funding through the Horizon 2020 SME Innovation Associate Programme.The company is using the funding to launch a new research

Press Release May 2017

Zeeko Confirms High Internet Usage in Ireland Among Young PeopleDublin, Ireland 17 May 2017, Today the World Health Organisation has suggested that a dramatic rise in the use of computers and social media is wreaking havoc on the health of young people.Zeeko, an Irish EdTech start-up which works with parents to teach their children to

Press Release January 2017

Zeeko Report Indicates Widespread Use of Mobile Devices by Primary School ChildrenDublin, 3rd January 2017. Zeeko an Irish-based company located at Nova UCD works to educate parents to teach their children to stay safe online. Zeeko, today, Tuesday, 3rd January, announced results of its second School Digital Trend Report. The digital trend report is based on the

Press Release January 2016

ZEEKO Achieves Crowdfunding Target in First WeekDublin, Ireland 8th January 2016, Zeeko, an Irish Start-Up based at Nova UCD which works to educate parents and teachers to teach their children to stay safe online, today, Friday, 8th January 2016 announced the successful completion of the crowdfunding campaign it launched earlier this week.Joe Kenny ,founder of

Press Release February 2022

Zeeko Announces Findings of Digital Behaviour Trends ResearchAhead of Safer Internet Day Zeeko has announced findings from its latest ‘Digital Behaviour Trends’ research. Among the findings, 15% of primary school children report that they have been cyberbullied.Zeeko, an Irish Ed-tech company, is a leader in internet safety for children in Ireland and is a NovaUCD

Should students to use the internet for homework?

 At Zeeko, we always start any presentation we make by saying that the internet is a fantastic resource, and it really is! Our internet safety seminars are the leading seminars in Ireland, having attended hundreds of Irish schools throughout the years. Teaching both children and parents how to navigate the internet safely is really important

Can we teach leadership skills to students?

To empower the next generation to take charge, enact change and make a positive impact on the world, they need to be confident leaders. It is often said that leaders are born not taught, but we wholly disagree with this. We believe leadership can and should be taught in schools, especially in primary schools. It's

Working with your Kids to find a Balance between on and Offline Activities

In every aspect of life, we need to find balance. This can be difficult because, as human beings, we tend to become obsessed with things and activities. Addiction to screen time is a genuine thing. Once we create a habit in something it can be difficult to break that habit. Excessive screen time is a

Betting and Gambling in Young People

Gambling is what’s known as a ‘silent addiction’. With other types and forms of addiction, it’s easier to notice the changes. For example, the most obvious form of addiction would be substance abuse, where there is a clear decline in health and changes in mood. You might be thinking that the concept of school students

Are your kids talking to strangers online?

The answer is simple, YES. How do they speak with strangers online? The thought of a stranger approaching our children online is every parent’s nightmare. What some don’t realise is that there is no denying that our children are speaking to strangers online daily. Now, don’t get us wrong, this doesn’t mean there are criminals at the

How to teach your class Problem Solving

21st Century Skills & Problem Solving21st-century skills are a set of abilities that students need to develop to succeed in the information age. There are 12 of these skills in total that are broken down into the 3 categories of Learning, Literacy and Life Skills. These skills have always been required in working life, and,

How the Internet and our Mental Health do not always mix well

Kids Mental Health in 2022 We’ve spoken previously about how our student’s mental health can be affected during January. We have now finally moved into February we would like to think that spirits have been lifted as we move into Spring. However, our children and students are now part of what is known as the ‘Covid

How Parents and Teachers can also look after their Digital Wellbeing

How being online may be affecting your wellbeing. We are so often focused on how the internet and social media is affecting the health and wellbeing of our children and students, we often forget about our own. As adults, we would like to think that we are mature and wise enough not to be fazed about things

Do you need a Family Media Plan?

What is a family media plan? A family media plan is a list of rules or guidelines that you as a parent set for your family or household to manage the use of digital devices in your home. Digital devices and the Internet can have negative impacts if used in the wrong way or too much. Finding

How to Equip your Classroom with 21st Century Skills

21st Century Skills RefreshAt the beginning of a new year, it’s nice to have a little refresh on what is good to keep our minds focused on for the next 12 months. At Zeeko, we are firm believers that 21st Century skills should be at the forefront of the classroom. These skills are at the

Positive Mental Health in January Blog

The first month of the year can be overwhelming. The shorter days, colder weather, return to school and work can be a struggle and trigger Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD’s). It’s important to recognise that this is a universal struggle, and we can take steps to combat what we are feeling and support ourselves and our students

21st Century Skills – How to teach 21st Century Skills at home

Believe it or not, the Christmas holidays are actually a great opportunity to teach 21st Century Skills. I know what you’re thinking, homework is the furthest thing from our minds as we prepare for the arrival of Santa and family time. The beauty of most 21st century skills is that they can be taught in

Students and Christmas Time – Struggles, Exams, Comparison

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. A time that is filled with excitement, to finally be finished another term and look forward to the Christmas holidays. Although Christmas is associated with happy thoughts for most, for some it can be a stressful time. Are there some simple steps we as Teachers can take

How to teach students the importance of Internet Safety

What is Internet Safety? The threats and OpportunitiesInternet safety or online safety is being aware of the possible threats that we can be confronted with when active online. Threats, whether they be online or in real life are something that we teach our children about, often instinctively from the moment they are born. Children and

What are the 3 Literacy Skills and why are they so important for children to learn?

21st Century Skills & Literacy SkillsIf you have read our previous blogs around 21st Century Skills, you will be aware of how important they are if we want our children to succeed in the future. If this is your first time reading our blog, you may not yet be aware of the 12 fundamental 21st

What is Peer-Led Learning (PLL)?

What is Peer-Led Learning (PLL)? A lesson we often teach our children is to ‘work together’ and to ‘help each other’. These are skills we as adults try to implement into both our working and personal lives. Peer-led learning (PLL) refers to situations where peers support each other in learning processes, work together and help each

How can we teach Digital Wellbeing in the Classroom?

What is Digital Wellbeing?Digital wellbeing, often referred to as online wellness, means having an awareness of how being online can make us feel, as well as looking after ourselves and others when online. Whether we realise it or not being online can influence our emotions, our mental health and perhaps in turn our physical health.

How Parents can Easily Monitor their Children’s Activity Online

The importance of internet safetyThe internet can be a great place for our children to learn, communicate with their friends and of course, is arguably one of the best sources of entertainment out there. We know that nowadays it’s normal to hand a child a device when we’re busy or when they simply need to