Meet Our Team!

Joe Kenny – Founder and CEO

Linda Kenny – Founder and Director


Zeeko is an Irish company based at Nova UCD whose mission is to teach Internet Safety to Children, Parents, Teachers and Corporate Ireland, creating a world where young people can safely benefit from Technology and the Internet.

Zeeko is an innovator in this field with leading knowledge, experience and expertise in Children’s Internet Safety, successfully managing the online risks young people face every day.

Zeeko is the market leader in this field in Ireland, having delivered seminars on Internet Safety to over 100,000 children, 9,000 parents and 6,000 teachers in Ireland alone.

In September 2018 Zeeko will launch its latest innovative product, Appyness Online (AO) , which is an education platform where children teach each other Internet Safety (in a peer to peer format).  AO empowers each child to safely benefit from the Internet and its many Apps. This unique interactive product is moderated by their teachers, thus bringing the teaching staff on their journey to internet safety too.

With product development research underway into VR and the continuously evolving internet space, Zeeko works towards a future where education and technology come together in an everyday replenishing market.

By 2023 , Zeeko will help over 1.5M young people become confident digital citizens, build online trust and create positive social change.









Job Openings

At Zeeko we are passionate about educating young people to be safe and well online. We are changing how young people use the internet. Innovation is at the heart of Zeeko, we always believe there is a better way and we continue to seek out new and innovative ways to deliver our message to parents and kids. Zeeko is a customer-focused company with a strong emphasis on product research. Our customers inform everything we do and inform our product development and company strategy at the highest level. Right now, we are at an exciting stage, with the people in Zeeko being at the heart of our innovation and passion. Zeeko is looking for passionate, curious, and creative individuals to join us on our mission to change the face of education and empower young people to engage in safe, healthy, and positive internet behaviours.