Screens, it seems like they are everywhere and managing their use, in particular by kids, can certainly be a challenge!

Here are some tips from our team at Zeeko for managing screentime:


  • Be a good role model: If your child sees you constantly using digital devices and looking at screens, it’s likely they will mimic this behaviour. So, try to reduce your own use of screens as much as possible particularly around your children.
  • Have regular conversations about the importance of balance: Talk with your child about how important it is to have face to face conversations with family and friends and to spend time every day involved in activities that don’t involve screens.
  • Use the Zeeko 5:1 ‘Rule’: At Zeeko we have pioneered what we call the 5:1 Rule as an innovative way of managing screentime. When we are visiting schools throughout the country to talk about staying safe online, we find that kids really grasp this concept. Essentially, the 5:1 Rule means that for every one hour spent on using a screen this should be balanced with 5 hours of ‘real world’ activity. These activities can be anything from doing homework or household chores to spending time playing sport or engaging in a family activity.
  • Have screen free time before bed: For at least 1 hour before bed there should be no use of screens. The blue light omitted by many digital devices affects the level of melatonin in our brains which has a direct impact on levels of concentration the following day and can also affect the quality of sleep.

The reality is that screens are going nowhere and are an integral part of modern life. It’s all about how their use is managed to ensure that there is balance that counts!