Given the recent findings from the Growing Up in Ireland Study that almost a quarter of nine-year olds in the country have an online profile, have a read of our Zeeko Top Tips to help keep the whole family safe online!

  • Use technology in communal spaces: We know that this is not always possible but certainly where younger children are concerned it is always a good idea to have technology set up in an area where children can be supervised by an adult when using technology.
  • Manage screentime together: Have regular conversations about screentime and how best manage it as a family. Remember to be as good a role model as possible when it comes to your use of screens and your kids are bound to follow suit!
  • Talk to younger children about the Stop, Block, Tell Rule to help them to stay safe online. If they experience something that makes them uncomfortable or scared when they are online the best thing to do as a first step is to stop what they are doing, block the person who is upsetting them and tell a trusted adult, most likely a parent what has happened.
  • Enable safety settings: Be sure to activate safety settings on the digital devices that you use as a family. It’s a good idea to regularly review these settings as they can change and can sometimes be gotten around by the young people in your house!
  • Promote balance: Take every opportunity to encourage your child to have a balance when it comes to the use of technology. Encourage your child to spend time engaged in activities that don’t involve screens. There is no substitute for face to face communication!