In a world surrounded by technology it is always a good idea to build in a regular digital detox and that’s not just for the younger members of the family! With all the demands on everyone’s time it can be real challenge to find the time to implement a detox of any kind.

Here are some tips to get your kids started on a digital detox:

  • Decide as a family about the basics: This might sound obvious but it important to be clear about when and for how long the digital detox is going to be for. Over a weekend is often a good place to start. You could decide to begin on a Friday evening or even a Saturday morning and then end the detox on Sunday night. Doing it over a weekend can feel a lot less daunting than trying to do it over a week long period.
  • Create a balance: Make sure that there are plenty of distractions on offer to help your child to replace their use of technology with other activities during the detox. The busier you all are the less likely you are to be missing technology!
  • This can also be a good time to introduce a new screen/tech free activity that your child has always wanted to try. This is a good way to promote balance in the use of technology through experience.
  • Lead by example: Although it can be a challenge to take part in the digital detox as an adult due to your work schedule or other commitments. Kids do really learn by example and if they see you engaging with a digital detox they will be hugely encouraged by that.
  • It may take more than one attempt to get it right: The first time you try a digital detox as a family there are bound to be teething problems, that’s completely natural. Just learn from those and try again in a few weeks’ time.


Good luck with your digital detox!